"Footer cities" were born in paper first, from there vector versions were created. Click on the image to see more.

Project description

Yiannis Konstantakopoulos, owner of porcupine.gr, approached me to design a series of footer graphics to visually support the aesthetics of his recently re-designed website.

Client testimonial

Helen is a great illustrator. The cities she created for my website are fantastic and helped the design take off. Many times I wondered what was her secret. I think it’s the love for what she does. This makes the difference. Helen treated the particular challenge as if it was for her own website. There are many illustrators out there who can design well enough. But there are a few who care so much about your success. I call this professionalism.Yiannis Konstantakopoulos, Web designerporcupine.gr

An overview of the elements created. Click on the image to see more.

Project description

Logo and icon design for an upcoming design related blog. The idea behind the icons was each one of them to visually represent the topics covered. Client’s favorite objects and shapes were used. Initially, we created a small art-board containing various shapes and objects and from there we picked the most representative ones. Icons were first designed in vector format and then scaled down to various bitmap versions. The logo had to be simple so simple shapes had to be used. We used a combination of a circle and an arrow. The circle represents the notion of “design” and the arrow makes this concept more specific.

Colorful posters. Just a concept project. Click on the image to see the posters.

Project description

A documentary on TV about hummingbirds. Some rough paper sketches. The result. This is a concept project in which i tried to combine colors, animals and the miracle of nature.

Wireframe Plus logo

Project description

Thanos, owner of Wireframe plus approached me to design a logo for his new service. The core idea behind the whole concept was “Aviation”. We used elements from this sector to match the complexity and the skills required to convert a sketch (wireframe) to a fully fledged Photoshop mock-up.

Client testimonial

I asked Helen to help me with the logo for my, recently launched, service. She delivered a story. The story of how she got there including a remarkable logo that really stands out of the crowd. Once you get to agree with her, you won't go back for more just because she's insanely affordable. You just found another talented partner.Thanos Papavasiliouwireframeplus.com

Aspa Foutsi dance school logo. Click on the image to see more.

Project description

Dance instructor and choreographer Aspa Foutsi has been in the scene for more than 28 years. She asked me if i could re-design the logo for her dance school. Aspa’s school provides both classical and modern dance classes so we needed something to represent both worlds.

An overview of the icons created.

Project description

Lisa asked me to create a set of icons that would represent each category of her site. Through a couple of emails we managed to find exactly what she needed and we ended up with these icons. You can see the icons at letmedothatforyou.co.uk

Client testimonial

I heard about Pink Moustache and loved the vectors so I asked Helen if she could design some icons for my website. I loved all of her ideas and designs and she was a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her to anyone, everything she does is great! Lisa Reynoldsletmedothatforyou.co.uk

Personal card for a make-up artist.

Project description

Eleni wanted a new business card. Something different. For this one we used one of Eleni’s photos and created a vexel of her. Playing with her hair and lines we managed to visually combine the 2 sides of the card.

Illustration and business card design. Click on the image for more.

Project description

A series of illustration and business card designs for an upcoming personal project.

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