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We are a Brisbane based web design agency. Our website design services are budget friendly, and we go step by step telling you where we have reached and what needs to be added to the site. The planning of the site is done after discussion between the client and the professionals so that we put your ideas into implementation. We can even analyse your business premises and incorporate them into the website to represent the whole business.

Top 5 things to avoid in web design

Know your Brisbane audience. This is the key when it comes to designing for the web. A lot of thinking and planning is essential during web design. Keeping the basics of the web is vital to the designing. There is more to web designing than just making the web page look good.

A typical and casual reader or browser would first give the page an overall glance before deciding to stay on or leave. In the few seconds of scanning that the reader does during the crucial deciding time, he does not look to read every word. They pick out keywords and images and overall look in order to decide whether the page is worth a proper look.

Hence, the web design plays an important role in catching the eye of the prospective reader.

  • Disorganised formatting – Quick scanning of the page is not possible when the contents of the page are not formatted well. When the details are in the right order, the eyes tend to pick them up and make sense out of it. The presentation of the data and the visual content can attract or repel the user. The web design makes it very clear to the reader what the page is about. It is clear and concise. Disorganised formatting is something one should avoid in web design.

  • Bad colour combination – Nothing annoys the eye like distasteful colour patterns and gaudy designs. The fundamental pieces of the designing of a web page are the lines, shapes, space, textures, and last but not the least, the colours used on the page. The colour has a big effect on the design. The colours lead the eye through the design. A bad colour combination ought to be avoided at all costs in order to prevent a bad review.

  • Ignoring the search bar and help button – Every web design must be user-friendly. Help must always be available to those who ask for it. Ignoring the search button is ideally bad designing of a web page. The presence of the help and search buttons simplify the user’s navigation and saves a lot of time in finding what is wanted.

  • Rigid designing of browser window – The same page must be accessible both on the screen of a computer as well as that of a mobile phone. The browser window must automatically re-size in order to fit the screen. In this day and age where there are a variety of designs of all shapes and sizes, it is vital for the web page to be viewable in all of them. This is a crucial design flaw in many web pages.

  • Too much concentration on the home page – There is more to look into when designing the web. It includes the entire website and not just the home page. When the user clicks on the next screen, he must not find a drastic difference or quality in the design. This stepdaughter treatment must be avoided at all costs.

Privacy settings

Be sure that your site will not be involved cyber-attack or be hacking attempts by the online thieves. We set triple identification process before you get access to the website making it highly secured. Your data and contacts are critical, and that is why we take the time to create great defense mechanism to protect these things from hackers.

Testing of the website

The site must be tested to ensure that it is excellently functioning before being released to the market. We have all the tools to measure the reliability of the website and the final steps that will make us give you your site is after we measure its traffic for one week.

Adding payment options

For e-commerce websites, customers would be in a hurry to order your products. They don't need to make a call because we can design ordering forms that contain their address into which products can be shipped. Adding payment options is going to shorten the process and easy the transaction process.

All our services are meant to provide an excellent functional website. We respect the time, and that is why we are on the run to ensure that we sort your sites needs so that your business runs smoothly within the shortest time.

Top web design principles for a successful website

A tasteful and aesthetically designed web page literally calls out for attention. Web designing includes creating, planning and compiling of the data. Maintenance of the web page is part of the designing too.

The Top web design principles for a successful web design are:

  • Accessibility – The main purpose of a web page is to access and find information. The accessibility is an essential principle for a successful web design. All the data must be visible and in the easiest manner. Legible text and colours easy on the eyes all form part of the accessibility. The reader must be able to go where he wants to and derive all information he needs with a good scrolling system and easy to click buttons. The data must be communicated in a clear and engaging manner. Navigation is all about how easy it is for the web page visitor to move around the website. Communication is more than the words. It includes media, both audio and video pieces. The layout and the structure affect the accessibility of the website to a great extent. The ability to be able to get the overview of the page smoothly is an essential principle for a successful web design.
  • User Interface Design – The structure of the data, the interaction design, and the visual design make up the user interface design. The aim of using this principle is to enable simple, easy and convenient interaction between the user and the application. It is also known as user-centered design. A successful web design requires good user interface in order to enable the efficient transfer of data from both sides. Filling up forms are easier when the design is impeccable. It is almost like changing the way a machine works to the way human brain think.
  • Simple design – It sounds surprising but a simple design is one of the best ways to get a successful web design. No one likes a complicated maze-like web page. A white space is one of the most elegant ways to present a page. Designing a web page does not mean every itty bitty space has to be filled with data or images. Elegance comes from simplicity. Conventional layouts such as the grid or the F-pattern still work today and are very much appealing to the eyes.
  • Purpose – Users go to a website for a specific purpose in mind. This could be either to get information or transfer information. The visitor could be looking for entertainment or enlightenment. The success of the web design is based on whether this purpose has been achieved or not. A critical principle that needs to be applied when working on the design of the web page is to ensure that this objective has been attained without any hassles or inconvenience to the user. The page must have a clear purpose.

The three click rule says that if the user gets what he wants within three clicks, the page has applied a successful web design.